Britton Tolliver

Britton Tolliver________________________________________________________________________


Born January 5, 1976

Kingsport, TN

Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA




2006 MFA Cranbrook Academy of Art

2004 BFA East Tennessee State University


One and Two Person Exhibitions_______________________________________________________


2017  Powdered Toast, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

2016  NO BAD DAYS, with Shara Hughes, Left Field Gallery, San Luis Obispo, CA

2015 Weird Attic, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY

2014 Moonsick, Meliksetian| Briggs, Los Angeles, CA

2010 Fixed Illusion, GOLDEN, Chicago, IL

           The Search for the Sky Underneath the Dirt, Kinkead Contemporary, CA


Group Exhibitions_______________________________________________________________________


2017   Trust Fall, Gallery ALSO, Los Angeles, CA

            Fake News, CES Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

             Water and Dreams, Green Gallery, curated by Katy Cowan, Milwaukee, WI

             Water and Dreams, Chicken Coop Gallery, curated by Katy Cowan,      Portland,OR

             Group Show, Werkartz, Los Angeles, CA

             SqigAlert, Cordesa Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2016  Doppelganger, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance Ca  (Catalogue available)

2015  Remains, Durden & Ray, Los Angeles, CA

            Angels With Dirty Faces, Hilger Contemporary, Vienna, Austria

2014  Blessed Oblivion, GAVLAK Gallery, West Palm Beach, FL

            Your Favorite Artists’ Artist, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, NY

2013  Painting in Place, curated by Shamim Momin, Los Angeles Nomadic Division 

            (LAND), Los Angeles, CA

           Steven Bankhead, Britton Tolliver, Tobjorn Vejvi, Samuel Freeman Gallery, Los 

           Angeles, CA

           The Road, Luis De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011  Golden Ass, Annie Wharton Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

           Chain Letter, curated by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey, Shoshana

           Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

           Baker’s Dozen, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance CA

          Working Title, Bronx River Art Center, Bronx, NY

2010 Meat Locker, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2009  (If LA changed it’s name to Miami, we’d be there) The Pink Flamingo Art Fair,

          Raid Projects, Los Angeles, CA

          LA Abstraction, Kinkead Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

          Group Exhibition,  Richard Heller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA

          Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, curated by Joseph Wolin,

          Philip Slein Gallery, Saint Louis, MO

2008 Always Kiss Me Goodnight, Kinkead Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

          Summer Solo Projects, Kinkead Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

          Alma Mater,  Kinkead Contemporary, Los Angeles, CA

          Architecture on the Cusp of Contemporary Landscape, William King Museum,

          Abingdon, VA

2007 Runaway, Yachtclub Gallery, Detroit, MI

          Summer Group Show, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

          Reality Bites, Angell Gallery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

2006 Can I Borrow Your Spaceship,  Contemporary Art Institute Detroit, Detroit, MI





2008 Altoids Emerging Artist Award Nominee, New Museum, New York, NY

2004 Pamela Applebaum Wyatte Scholarship, Cranbrook Academy of Art Merit 

           Scholarship, (Teaching Assistanceship)      

2002 Ruth Adams Scholarship,  East Tennessee State University




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